Set within the historic county of Roxburghshire in the heart of the Scottish Borders, not far from the banks of the river Tweed.  Border Guns & Tackle, still trading in bricks and mortar as Borders Gunroom, based in St Boswells, is one of south Scotland’s largest shooting and fishing tackle shops.  Trading for over 30 years, Border Guns & Tackle carries a wealth of knowledge and expertise as well as offering a comprehensive selection of guns, tackle and all accessories and apparel applicable to whatever your chosen sport.

We hold an extensive range of new and secondhand shotguns, rifles and air rifles, together with all the leading brands of clothing and accessories pertaining to – thus fulfilling your shooting and stalking needs.

With a resident Gunsmith with over 30 years of experience, we are able to repair and service most requirements on site.  We carry a good stock of cartridges and ammunition for all bore and calibre and also offer a transfer service together with a storage facility for however long you may need.

Open six days a week we can be contacted either on-line, via our social media pages, by telephone or alternatively, by just popping in whenever you are next passing and in the area.  We are here to to be of assistance, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our fishing Department has an extensive range of fishing rods, reels, lines, nets, flies, fly tying materials and associated fishing clothing and accessories for whatever your method and quarry.

We offer very competitive prices across our full range of products and services and should you need further information, clarification or help with any matter, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling;  01835 822844 or alternatively contacting us using our online form email;

We very much look forward to seeing you soon.

Team Members

Shaun Twite

Shaun Twite Having learnt his trade from Michael Clarkson, he is now attributed with 30 years of Gunsmithing trade to his name and is the resident Gunsmith and Managing Director at Borders Gunroom.  He has just recently re-launched the shop's new website bearing the name of Border Guns & Tackle, with a view to opening up our presence, offering and expertise to a wider audience.  With the name Borders Gunroom still very much above the 'bricks and mortar' door, this business whilst dating back to the late 1980s is now very much taking a step forward. Shaun runs a fully operative and equipped workshop which enables him to carry out most repairs and modifications in-house, ranging from stock alterations, refurbishing of barrels, stock polishing, choke alterations, bluing, reboring and testing.  Any repair that cannot be carried out on site will automatically be sent to outworkers who specialise in that particular area of gunsmithing.  With the level of equipment within the workshop Shaun is also able to carry out minor repairs to fishing reels - saving on timely and costly returns back to the respective manufacturers. As an RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) the shop is able to assist in all manners of transfers, storage, disposal and transportation of any given weapon. A keen shot and fisherman, Shaun is a well known face within the local sporting circles.  He is also one of the better known Gunsmiths this side of the Borders and for miles around, putting Borders Gunroom in a good position to be able to offer the full service package to all our discerning sporting clientele.

Linda Frame

Linda Frame Born and bred in Kelso, Linda is our part-time Financial Controller/Office Administrator having started at Borders Gunroom over 12 years.  Linda is in charge of all of the day Accounts & Administration procedures and is ably assisted by Tess Wilson. Splitting her time between working at Borders Gunroom and other local companies, she also helps in the running of the family business. Linda enjoys socialising with friends and family and enjoys watching cricket at the Kelso Cricket Club, as well as attending the local Civic Weeks and Common Ridings.  

Tess Wilson

Tess Wilson Born and bred originally in Edinburgh, Tess moved to Galashiels as a child.  It was growing up in the Scottish Borders that she eventually met her husband and now colleague; Iain Wilson. Tess started working at Borders Gunroom in 2002 on a part-time basis, but roll on 17 years, and she is now very much one of the integral members of staff within the shop.  Working tirelessly behind the scenes - a place no shop would survive without - she is the one wading through the mountains of paperwork.  She works alongside her colleague Linda Frame and between them they make up what is 'the back office'.  Also in charge of stock management and merchandising, Tess very much keeps the place and everyone in order! Whilst not a shot or fisher herself - leaving her husband to indulge in those activities - Tess is more likely to be found out walking, jogging (a sport she has recently come back to) or spending much relished time with her first grandchild.

Caroline Beale-Pilcher

Caroline Beale-Pilcher Originating from a remote part of the west coast of Scotland, Caroline has now set down roots in the Scottish Borders, which she now very much regards as home. Having formerly lived and worked in London for almost 25 years, she worked in a variety of businesses, including the retail sector - where she latterly worked for the prestigious luxury brand, LVMH Fashion Group in Bond Street.  This was to set her in good stead for her eventual move to the Scottish Borders and into another, and somewhat different, retail role within the fishing and shooting world.  Formerly, one half of Tweedside Tackle, an existing and long standing business in the neighbouring town of Kelso - which she partnered and co-owned for almost 12 years - Caroline embraced life in the Borders.  She is therefore no stranger to the shooting and fishing world. With almost 19 years of retail experience to her name, she was delighted to be asked to join the team at Borders Gunroom to manage the newly launched website Border Guns & Tackle and to look after their digital marketing and social media sites.  Whilst a keen shot and fisher herself, she is probably more likely to be found out and about with her two dogs and horse!

David Pullan

David Pullan Originally from Preston in Lancashire, David (better know as Dave) moved to the Scottish Borders in 2014, in search of work and a change of scenery and hasn't looked back since.  The Scottish Borders is now very much where he calls home.  No stranger to retail or country pursuits, Dave is an avid roe deer stalker.  He also shoots and fishes and has done for many years but he is probably most happy when out in the field. Dave heads up the Shooting Department at Borders Gunroom and what he doesn't know about guns, probably isn't worth knowing!  As a passionate stalker with an understanding to the detail and needs of others.  When one requires precision and accuracy when deciding what scope, mount and ammo to use, Dave has over 40 years of shooting and stalking experience and a wealth of knowledge and experiences in all things weaponry to help you make the right decisions.

Iain Wilson

Iain Wilson  Iain is one of the longest serving members of the team, having started at the Borders Gunroom in May, 2000. Having moved to the Scottish Borders in 1987 to study Gamekeeping at the Borders College, has lived and worked here ever since. Iain is a keen shot and shoots game on numerous occasions.  His main passion being pigeon shooting and roe deer stalking - both of which he does throughout the season. He is also a very keen salmon fisher and fishes on various rivers throughout Scotland.  As an avid fly tier, he not only ties flies for himself, friends and customers but has also designed a number of specific salmon flies which has led him to being a contributor for the Trout & Salmon magazine. Iain heads up the Fishing Department at Borders Gunroom and having over 40 years of fishing experience, is well suited to the position.  He has been fortunate to have fished most of the beats on Tweed for salmon and trout and also been a regular face on the water within the St. Boswells area for over 30 years.